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Trends in Recruiting

You Probably Already Know These Forces are in Play

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Good Candidates Aren’t Active

Building the candidate pipeline needs to start way before you get the job requisition in order to surface potential recruits.

Candidates Respond to Brands

Candidates who get a random email from an unknown recruiter may be slower to respond to or even trust the opportunity.

Recruiting Increase in Efficiency

More data, automation, and AI-driven insights drives efficiency into recruiting.

As a Result, You May Face These Problems

Lose Business to Better Brands

Business, referrals, even candidates gravitate to those recruiters with a more active brand.

Delay Filling Open Recs

Without a brand, providing value, and on-going visibility, responses from high quality candidates slows.

Commoditize Your Service

Transactional techniques eventually commoditize a business, making you indistinguishable from other recruiter.

What If You Stood Out to the Most Talented Candidates?

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Lead With Value

Is the only time candidates hear from you when you want something from them? What if you led with value, instead?

    Increase rapport
    More readily get referrals
    Be seen as a resource

Remain Top of Mind

Wouldn’t you want a pool of candidates open and waiting to hear what you had to offer because they knew you?

    Be Visible
    Be Trusted
    Be Referred

Expand Your Reach

Because the best recruiters know to partner, they expand their reach of candidates beyond their own network.

    Cast a Wider Net
    Source and Close Faster
    Increase Retainer Referrals

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3


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In every email, provide a nomination code which will give recipients free access to our introductory framework on growing their career.Now you are positioned as a thought leader who cares about their career.


We'll Post Your Opportunities

Our online community, live Sessions, are all places we can promote our partners for free. We promote not just your openings, but you, as well, to build up your brand.


Receive Thanks in Cash

As a small token of our appreciation, whenever a nominee enrolls and pays their membership fee, we thank you for the referral. Okay, it won’t make you “Elon-rich,” but it’s a nice bonus.

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At no cost (other than including us in your emails and outreach), you can get the upper-hand in your industry. Apply today.