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Uplevel your career by lifting up all AAPI at your company

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Imagine your ERG succeeds and becomes a force for positive change:

● Your AAPI co-workers thrive together at work
● You lead your ERG without burning out
● You and other AAPI better navigate subtle conflict or exclusions without mental cost
● Your executives increase their engagement with AAPI employees, leaders, and issues
● AAPI candidates see your company as a place for belonging and career growth


If you do, then please read on!  Before we talk about how we can help you to achieve the above, let's make sure we want to solve the same problems.

What kinds of problems do AAPI face in the workplace?

In 2020, things changed for Asians.
Across the country, especially in cities like New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Vancouver, and Los Angeles, Asians young and old were being kicked, knifed, and killed.
Many AAPI professionals woke up to the violence, and slowly realized that they were not truly accepted.
Many started to share their challenges at work:

money and passive income icon set

Lost Income

Even just one month of unemployment, loss of stock options, or missed promotion can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Damaged Health

Stress, loss of control, even disengagement directly impacts your health, quality of sleep, and longevity.

Wasted Time

Every day spent in a bad working environment is a wasted day of distraction from your life.

Stolen Mojo

Bad situations can kill your spirit, break your self-image, and burden you will baggage and self-doubt.


Miscommunication, micro-aggression, or passive-aggressive conflict can hurt productivity.

While the occasional company-wide webinar raises awareness, change happens when your Members are TRANSFORMED.


Radhika GiriChief of Staff, Sirius XM


  • More success climbing the leadership track at your company

  • Better self-advocacy, initiative, and collaboration to face workplace obstacles

  • Higher engagement and stronger community for more resilient working relationships

  • Reversal of historical trends so our future generations rise with hope and power

Common Pitfalls Going It Alone

You may be tempted to get into "do-er" mode alone, be frugal and scrappy in exchange for extra hours, and limit promotion to within your company. But that comes at a cost.

Burn Out

If your volunteer manpower becomes the primary fuel for your ERG, you risk burning out. Or the ERG stagnates because it demands real work, work that isn't compensated for.

Limited Funding

An ERG will slowly run out of steam without additional resources. More importantly, without really investing into your ERG, the company won’t be truly committed.

Constrained Exposure

An internally-run ERG will have limited external exposure. Without broader exposure, your efforts will be limited to within your company instead of helping to shape the industry.

Instead of going it alone, what if you were to partner with an external organization?


The right partner should help you to solve not only the challenges that AAPI face in the work place.  
It should also help you to run your ERG so that you're not burning out, not under resourced, and not limited in your scope of impact in the broader community and industry.



    Improve on-going investment and impact your industry with external communications.
    We centralize and amplify success of all of our ERGs. This makes it easier for you to share internally for support; it also makes it easier for other ERGs to follow suit and succeed with their company.


    Increase your impact by tapping into your company's budgets.  
    We provide you a market-anchored price that permits flexible budgeting and collateral that helps justify the spend, strengthening your position to successfully request funding.


    Free up your time and expand your leadership working on, not in, the operations.  
    We provide content, logistics, and infrastructure. In terms of getting approvals, provide resources and even deliver the presentations, letting you act as one of the decision-makers.

Introducing: Cohort Alpha (AAPI Edition)

Equip and Empower AAPI at your Company to Navigate Workplace Challenges and Thrive

  • Advance Your AAPI Members' Careers

    By providing accessible, actionable content based on research, you improve the communication, collaboration, and leadership skills to help your Members advance their careers in a complex work environment

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    Change Lives and Expand Your Influence

    Instead of working in the operations, serve as a leader and advocate for outcomes that benefit both your company and your Members. Equipping your Members has tangible economic and mental health impacts for the better.

  • Increase Your Company's Investment into your ERG

    By aligning with your company's business goals, you can also increase commitment and investment into your ERG and its Members.  

  • Follow a Process Which Supports Your Journey

    Instead of going it alone, receive full support, including presentations and collateral to help you gain budget and stakeholder support, onboarding and operations run for you to ensure the best Member experience, and iterations based on your feedback.

What will your members learn as a part of Cohort Alpha?

● Advancing your career by understanding how companies really reward employees
● Evaluate your internal organizational landscape to avoid hidden landmines
● Experience greater freedom and less anxiety at work
● Build the leadership skills that aren’t often shared or taught

● Strengthen relationships with other AAPI in other companies for support and opportunities
● Learn lessons from other AAPI leaders on how to thrive at work
● Learn frameworks to evaluate power and politics that are culturally foreign to most AAPI

What is Cohort Alpha?

A tribe of diverse, high-performers learning the hidden and unspoken pathways to faster career success, lower stress, and higher fulfillment.


Members of Cohort Alpha meet in regular, live, confidential Sessions that have short, research-based content that frames real-world workplace issues.

  • Content based on research provides actionable insights and frameworks

  • Coaching enables new perspectives and change that yields tangible results

  • Community provides support, intel, and accountability.


Research-Based Audio Content

Members have access to a growing body of actionable audio content that covers workplace topics based on our Alpha Framework.
● Better outcomes through research-based content from institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Pennsylvania
● Anecdotal advice from leaders at companies like Google, Oracle, Facebook
● Private-audio format increases retention and convenience

Monthly, Live Cohort Sessions

Members are placed into facilitated small groups of 5-7 which meet live over video to share specific challenges or struggles (either with Members from their own company or cross-company):
● Consistent, confidential, context-relevant and safe space 
● Build support and career networks through deep engagement
● Discussions shape future content modules for continuously better outcomes


Secure Online Space to Connect

We provide secure dedicated online space (not Slack) to Members to connect and deepen their knowledge
● Review written summaries of audio content anytime
● Extend on-going support between their live Sessions. 
● Ask confidential questions to be answered in weekly Audio-only sessions

Concise, Actionable Content Based on Research

Your ERG Members learn how to navigate work from experts



Affordable and elastic pricing with a minimum of 10 members.  
Start small and scale slowly as needed.
Annual plans only.

ERG Leads


per month per member(annual plan)

Risk Free: Try Before You Buy12-month membershipRenewals lock-in priceAudio content delivered monthly1 Live Cohort Session per month (recorded)Private online space

Without ERG


per month per member(annual plan)

12-month membershipRenewals lock-in priceAudio content delivered monthly1 Live Cohort Session per month (recorded)Private online space

Interested? The Next Steps are Easy!


Schedule Strategy Session

In this complimentary call (or calls, if we need to), we learn about your ERG, you company, and you. We plan together the presentation we would make to the decision-makers to approve funding the program.


Present Proposal

We provide you with templates for setting up meetings with the decision-makers. At the meetings, we will present and you participate as if you were also a decision-maker. We describe why this is important in our strategy meeting.


Onboard Your Members

Once invoices have been approved, you provide us with the names and emails of Members. We match them into Cohorts. Then run the program for a year, all the while providing you updates, testimonials, and content to continue the program the following year.


On this page, you will find answers to the most popular questions of our customers. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request.

  • How can my ERG participate?

    Schedule a strategy call. This helps us to align with your goals, understand your company, and share the roadmap for how we onboard your Members.

  • Who pays for enrollment?

    Either the company or individual ERG Members can pay themselves. However, we believe there are better outcomes with the company invests (either directly or through employee reimbursement)

  • What payment options do you provide?

    We accept credit cards and can provide invoices to corporate customers.

  • Can individuals pay and we reimburse them?

    Yes! That is the most convenient process for all parties. You can still provide us with emails of those who should be enrolled to streamline the Onboarding process.

  • Is the program only for AAPI?

    No, it was initially designed for those with heavily cross-functional responsibilities, such as product management or product marketing.  
    Because we are working directly with AAPI ERG, we customized this page and the content for the next cohort to address AAPI issues.

  • How long is the program?

    Each Cohort runs for 12 months. Participation can be renewed since the content is being refreshed and, more importantly, the ongoing interaction with cohorts is what builds the leadership skills.